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Study Materials: Home

An overview of study materials currently available in the library


One of the biggest challenges law students face is studying for exams. You've made outlines, flashcards, and studied with friends. But, are you ready for the test? If you feel like you could brush up on a particular subject, or you're not understanding a legal concept, these study tools can help you prepare for exams and the bar.

This guide will focus on resources available in the library. All of these materials are located behind the circulation desk and can be checked out for two hours

If you are a 1L and would like a more in depth overview of our 1L study resources please visit the 1L Toolkit.

As you look through the rest of this guide remember. The librarians at Concordia are here to help you in any way we can! If you have a question, want to suggest we purchase a study aid, or aren't finding what you're looking for--ask for help. We are always happy to assist our students! Contact us at


Published by West Academic (the creators of Westlaw). The In A Nutshell series focuses on particular area of law giving an overview of that subject. Nutshells point out key statutes, cases, and other need to know material. Nutshells are written by recognized experts who present the essential rules in a condensed format. The Nutshell is the perfect reference guide for a quick, simplified and thorough summation of the law.

Use this resource if you:

  • Are having trouble understanding a particular legal concept
  • Want to have a overview of an entire area of law
  • Need a resource that is easy to understand
  • Have to have something quick


Concepts & Insights

Concepts and Insights form a conceptual framework for the most important areas of law. They are written by leading legal scholars and casebook authors. The books present the principal issues and cases in a clear, concise manner.

Use this resource if you:

  • Want to study beyond the black letter of the law
  • Prefer to look at the framework of the law rather than rules

Understanding Series

The Understanding Series produced by Lexis is a collection of student treatises on a variety of topics. It includes more than 50 individual titles. The concise, yet comprehensive, analysis contained in each Understanding title provides a foundation for true understanding of the subject and facilitates more than mere rote learning.

Use this resource if you:

  • Want a more in depth resource that will give you an overview of an entire are of law
  • Like the way legal encyclopedias are organized
  • Want to learn beyond memorization


Hornbooks are one-volume legal treatises, written primarily for law students on subjects typically covered by law school courses. Hornbooks summarize and explain the law in a specific area. They delve deep in to a subject area and thoroughly explain rules, key cases, and concepts.

Use this resource if you:

  • Want to know more about a specific legal subject
  • Need a more in depth explanation of a legal concept
  • Feel like you're not seeing the broader picture in a given area of law
  • Are looking for something specific and know the area of law you are searching

Sum & Substance Audio Series

Convenient and effective, Sum and Substance Audio Sets present the essentials of a given subject in a clear, succinct, time-saving format. This audio set also includes quick reference indexing, allowing you to quickly locate all topics in the recording, and informed exam tips to help maximize your performance.

Use this resource if you:

  • Learn better through audio
  • Enjoy audiobooks
  • Want to put something on in the background 

Gilbert Law Summaries

The Gilbert Audio set is a series of CD's you can check out and listen to. We have them in the areas of immigration law, civil procedure and professional responsibility. These are great if you want to listen to something while you are cleaning the house or eating lunch.

Use this resource if you:

  • Want to listen to something while performing another task (falling asleep, coloring)
  • Have eye strain from reading too much
  • Enjoy listening to audiobooks

Examples & Explanations (E&E)

 Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Each E&E offers hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations that allow you to test your knowledge of the topics in your courses and compare your own analysis.

Use this resource if you:

  • Prefer to learn through concepts rather than rules
  • Learn better through hypotheticals
  • Want to practice exam like questions
  • Need an example of a rule in practice


The Question & Answer (Q&A) series provides a series of practice questions and answers to those questions. Each of the books has a series of questions students can tackle either by themselves or in a group. The book culminates in a 20 question practice exam to get you ready for finals or the bar exam. 

Use this resource if you:

  • Are ready to tackle practice questions/practice exams
  • Prefer to learn by doing (hands on learner)
  • Want to see what kinds of questions your professor may ask on exams

Rigos Primer Series

Rigos Law School primer offers succinct explanations of the most frequently tested essay and multiple choice subject rules. The text is concise and focused, containing only the breadth and depth of information you need to successfully answer questions. Rigos primers contain numerous acronyms-mnemonics to help you memorize frequently tested legal elements. The text is written in a lecture format, and may either be used in a review class structure or organized self-study format. Magic Memory Outlines facilitate your summary of the controlling law.

Use this resource if you:

  • Want the bare bones information to study with
  • Enjoy acronyms and mnemonics


Titles in the Acing Series use a unique checklist format with questions that help fully evaluate a subject. The books present hypothetical problems and sample answers. Unique among study aids, Acing Series titles help students attain the analytical tools they need to prepare for classes and exams.

Use this resource if you:

  • Enjoy an analytical approach to problems
  • Like to check boxes and ensure you've covered all relevant material
  • Keep lists

MPT Performance Tests & Answers

The library offers previous multistate performance test (MPT) questions and answers. They are a good way to practice for questions that will involve a closed universe and writing. They are also helpful to students who want to know how to structure essays, or to determine what a professor is looking for in an exam answer. 

Use this resource if you:

  • Are ready to take a practice test
  • Want to know how to structure your exam answers
  • Need practice with a closed universe

Law Stories Series

The Law Stories Series focuses on the story behind the cases. The series is interested in glancing behind the law and looking at the facts, what was going on at the time, and how that influenced the courts ruling. 

Use this resource if you:

  • Want a more holistic view of a case or area of law
  • Like to know the historical context of cases
  • Think the stories behind the cases are more fun than the cases themselves

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