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Social Emotional Learning Children's Books

This guide will help you to locate books in the children's collection which relate to topics of Social Emotional Learning, and is designed to align with the topics covered by the Toolbox SEL curriculum.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important topic in Education, and you might be asked to find resources to support lessons that incorporate SEL topics. This guide is designed around the topics in the Toolbox curriculum by DoveTail Learning. Regardless of the curriculum you use in teaching SEL, this guide will provide helpful information on how to locate books on SEL-related topics, as well as links to other resources to further your learning and professional knowledge of Social Emotional Learning.

Searching for items in the Children's Literature Collection

How to search the catalog for only children's literature

1. Go to OneSearch Campus and click on Advanced Search
2. Select the "CU Collections" radio button
3. Choose "Children's Literature" as the search scope in the drop down menu
4. Enter your keywords as desired and press Enter to search


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