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M.Ed. Research Guide and Library Resources: APA-websites, including videos

Access to library resources for M.Ed. students.

APA References: websites, online videos, online images, etc.

A reference to an Internet source should include at least a document title or description, a date (the date or update of publication) or n.d. (no date), and an Internet address, or URL. It should also include the author, if given. Whenever possible, readers should be directed to specific documents rather than index pages.

 Page on a website (no  date)

American Library Association. (n.d.). Coretta Scott King book awards. Retrieved from


Concordia Library. (2014, October 29). How to find a doi [Video file]. Retrieved from

 Video with screen name

Veritasium. (2014, December 1). This will revolutionize education [Video file]. Retrieved from

 Entry from an online dictionary

Light. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster's online dictionary (11th ed.). Retrieved from[4]

 Image from a website

Wyeth, A. (1948). Christina's world [Painting]. Retrieved from

 Chapter or section in  an Internet document

Benton Foundation. (1998, July 7). Barriers to closing the gap. In Losing ground bit by bit: Low-income communities in the information age (chap. 2). Retrieved from

 Stand-alone  document, no author  identified, no date

GVU’s 8th WWW user survey. (n.d.). Retrieved from

 U.S. government  report or corporate  author

United States Sentencing Commission. (n.d.). 1997 sourcebook of federal sentencing statistics.  Retrieved from


Van Nuys, D. (Producer). (2007, December 19). Shrink rap radio [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

 Video blog post

Norton, R. (2006, November 4). How to train a cat to operate a light switch [Video File]. Retrieved from


Italics? Wondering when to use them? See this blog post from the APA.

More resources for website references

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Video Tutorial: Web page references

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APA for websites video link


Video Tutorial: Video references

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APA style tutorials: video references

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