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Homeland Security & Emergency Management

A community page for students and faculty in the Homeland Security & Emergency Management program

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Whether on the front lines or behind the scenes, a homeland security degree from Concordia University helps students develop critical thinking skills and learn the foundational requirements needed to become leaders in their chosen careers – with practical applications in dozens of fields. First responders need extensive knowledge and the ability to make a positive impact on the situation around them. Disaster planners, information analysts, and recovery managers need to analyze risks and take charge in complex and chaotic situations. Even those already working in related disciplines can leverage their education to help them succeed and excel in their chosen field. This degree hones students' capabilities and decision-making skills to translate knowledge into action.

This community page combines library resources and services with HSEM program information and resources. Use the navigation at the left to:

  • Review search tips and strategies
  • Find recommended journals, databases, catalogs, and other search systems
  • Find recommended sources for reports, data, and statistics
  • Review APA citation and style guidelines
  • Learn more about the HSEM program
  • Review HSEM recommended resources
  • Find HSEM papers and publications, including HLS 494 practicum papers
  • Find recommended internships and opportunities
  • Find posted events and items of interest
  • Find contact information for the library to ask for library or research help

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