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EDUG 220

Growth and Development PK-12


  • Practice, practice, practice: reserve a study room and practice with others, practice at home in front of a mirror - whatever works best for you to feel confident
  • Remember to breathe: your breath can calm you and quiet your anxiety. Take deep breaths and breathe through your diaphragm. 
  • Beware of body language: use an "open" stance, gesture when appropriate, and make eye contact (see the video links for help on this)
  • Use effective visual aids: no more than 6 items per slide, use a dark background, use contrast and size to highlight what you want your audience to focus on, and only include one idea per slide
  • Speak slowly and don't be afraid to pause and take a breath when you need to
  • Consider telling a story or using a metaphor to engage your audience

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