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EDUG 220

Growth and Development PK-12

Step One: Make a list of keywords

The words you use to search are the most important thing that will determine if you are successful, or just frustrated. Here is the best kept secret for finding keywords for educational topics: ERIC's Thesaurus

How to use ERIC to find keywords:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Thesaurus tab
  3. Check the boxes for "include synonyms" and "include dead terms"
  4. Type in as few words as possible, ideally a single word (for example, search for "trauma" not "effects of trauma")
  5. Click on any results that come up to get a list of recommended keywords, or, if there are no results, try searching a synonym
  6. Make a list of any keywords that are relevant to your topic
  7. Repeat as necessary with each of your main ideas
  8. Proceed to Step Two to learn how to combine your keywords into a successful search
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