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Copyright and Fair Use Resources


This guide is intended to provide information and guidance on copyright and fair use. 

Nothing on this guide should be construed as legal advice or institutional policy.

  • Basics - describes the rights of copyright, duration, what is covered by copyright
  • Fair Use - Fair use is one of the most important parts of the copyright law for education.  This page will help you understand how to do a fair use analysis and links to some checklists and tools to help.
  • Teaching with Copyrighted Materials - This page provides you with some general guidelines you can follow for both in-person and online classes for all different types of copyrighted materials.
  • TEACH Act - The TEACH Act attempts to bring some of the freedoms allowed in face-to-face classrooms to the online classroom.  Unfortunately, it also comes with a lot of limitations and conditions.  
  • Creative Commons and the Public Domain - Information about materials available for use without permission or relying on one of the legal exemptions.
  • Students - Guidance on topics that come up for students
  • Permissions - It isn't always possible to find a legal way to use material in your classes without permission.  This page gives links to model permissions letters and other information that will be useful when getting permissions (or considering it!).
  • More resources - links to tools, websites, and books for further reading
  • Get Help 
Creative Commons License
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