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Setting up Google Scholar

If you like using Google Scholar, it can be very helpful to adjust your settings to include Concordia University Libraries. That way, if you find an article in Google Scholar, it'll show you if we have access to the article!

There are just a few steps to this process.

  1. Go to the main Google Scholar page:
  2. Click the three bars located in the top-left corner of the page
  3. Click the Settings (gear) icon
  4. Click on the "Library links" link from the left-side menu
  5. Type "Concordia University Portland" into the search box
  6. Click on the "Search" button
  7. Check the box to the left of "Concordia University (Portland) Libraries - Find @Concordia Portland."
  8. Click on the "Save" button.

When you finish, you'll be sent back to the main Google Scholar page, and you can start searching! If an article is available from one of Concordia's databases, a link will appear in the right side of the results that says "Find @Concordia Portland."

The screenshots below show this process in a more visual manner.

Step 1:

Google Scholar library links step 1 screen shot

Step 2:

Google Scholar library links step 2 screen shot

Step 3:

Google Scholar library links step 3 screen shot

Step 4:

Google Scholar library links step 4 screen shot

Step 5:

Google Scholar library links step 5 screenshot


What to do when there is no full text

If you find an article that sounds helpful, but you can't find the full text (or you are being asked to pay for the article), here are some strategies to help:

Strategy One: See if the library has access

  1. Copy the title of your article (if the title is very short, you might need to copy the author's name also)
  2. Open up OneSearch (the library catalog) and make sure you are logged in
  3. Paste the title (and/or author) into the search box and click search
  4. Locate the matching article in the results list and check for the green text that says Full text available, or the gray text that says Citation Online

If you see "Full text available":

  • Click on the article title
  • Find a link to a database under the Access Online section and click on it (there may be multiple links, just choose one)
  • You should now have the full text of the article

If you see "Citation online":

Keep the tab with OneSearch open, and proceed to Strategy Two.

Strategy Two: Check the open web

  1. Copy the title of your article (if the title is very short, you might need to copy the author's name also)
  2. Search for the title on Google (adding PDF to the end of your search can also help)
  3. See if the article is posted for free online - if yes, you are done! If not, keep reading.
  4. If the article is not available, follow the steps in Strategy One to find the article citation in OneSearch.
  5. On the article page in OneSearch, click on "No full text? Request from the library/interlibrary loan"
  6. Check the details on the form, enter your personal information, and click submit request.
  7. Wait...the library will try to get the article for you and if possible, we will email it to you within 3-7 days.
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