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1L Toolkit: LRW

Professor Recommendations

The Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students

Intended primarily for use in the first few weeks of the first-semester legal writing course, The Pre-writing Handbook for Law Students: A Step-by-Step Guide takes a systematic approach to the process of preparing to write legal memos, briefs, and other documents. The Handbook is designed to help students focus on and become competent in the process of legal analysis that precedes their work on a written product. The Handbook is uniquely designed to help students gauge their own progress as they work through the pre-writing process. The confidence students will gain from engaging in the pre-writings process outlined in the Handbook will translate into a smoother, more effective writing process and a better written product.

Beyond the First Draft

Beyond the First Draft helps law students and lawyers approach the often difficult task of editing their own writing. The book starts with the fundamental idea that good writing is organized, vigorous, clear, and polished. Its ultimate goal is to help students and practitioners understand that good writing cannot be accomplished in a single draft; good writers must be good editors.

Each chapter of the book is organized around one of the principles of good writing and begins with an editing checklist for accomplishing that principle of good writing. The book explains each item in the checklist, providing students and lawyers with the instruction and straightforward editing tips that they need to become effective editors.

Other Sudy Aids


Cover of Sum and Substance Audio on Legal Research

Sum and Substance Audio on Legal Research

In this 3.25 hour audio lecture, Professor Robert C. Berring will lead you step-by-step through every topic in legal research. The information and ideas you struggled with previously are now brought to life simply and succinctly. These audio lectures are time saving, convenient and effective. You may also access individual chapters of the lecture. Audio may be downloaded using the West Academic Library App for listening on the go.

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