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EDUG 230 (Mueller): Teaching Tolerance Lesson

Resources for the Teach Tollerance Assignment

For your Teach Tolerance assignment, you need to find sources that will help you create a lesson plan on tolerance. Your syllabus and assignment instructions list possible websites to use. These are listed below in the Websites section.

The library provides access to databases focused solely on education (such as ERIC) and also ones focused on current events and issues (such as Opposing Viewpoints). These databases can be good places to locate sources that will help you develop your lesson plan. ERIC provides resources from other classroom teachers on teaching tolerance. And Opposing Viewpoints provides sources that could be used as part of the lesson itself, such as videos and newspaper or magazine articles at various reading levels.


Library Databases

Course Reserves

Your professor has put a number of books on reserve in the library for your course. They are available under Mueller. You can look in OneSearch to view the list of books available: Course reserves for EDUG 230.

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