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NUR 352 (Mitchell & Reynolds)

This is the course guide for Introduction to Informatics and Information Literacy.


  • Define health informatics.
  • Discuss how health policy is shaping the field of informatics.
  • Define the concept of meaningful use.

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In-Class Activities

Activity 1: Reading check

Activity 2: PowerPoint presentation

Activity 3: Small group activity: Meaningful Use

  • Visit the Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive program page and read about meaningful use
  • Write a definition and identify the purpose of meaningful use
  • Review the Stage 1 EHR meaningful use specifications for eligible hospitals.
  • List the MU core objectives aimed at improving patient safety.  Discuss how meeting the objective will improve outcomes.

End of Class Reflection:  Dr. Mitchell will review Table 27.2 of the Madison chapter and link it to the final informatics assignment.

Homework Assignment: Due November 6th by 2:00 PM


Note: The Naylor article is part of a body of research conducted by the author.  She has developed a theoretical model that can be implemented to improve transitions of care.  The article is not about informatics; it is assigned to give you a better understanding of the problems that can arise with transitions of care.

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