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NUR 352 (Mitchell & Reynolds)

This is the course guide for Introduction to Informatics and Information Literacy.


You will...

  • Reflect on, describe, and discuss criteria used to evaluate information and sources
  • Evaluate information and its source to determine its value in answering a question or satisfying an information need

Click here to see what's due today.

In-Class Activities

Activity 1: Review of search strategies

PubMed/CINAHL debrief: Do you feel prepared for your annotated bibliography assignment?

Activity 2: Reading check (ungraded) - KAHOOT!

Activity 3: Establishing and Applying Evaluation Criteria

Activity 4: Consumer health sites evaluation

Activity 5: Section wrap-up reflection

  • Evaluate achievement of your learning goals (Prof. Reynolds will provide the link to the survey.)

Homework Assignment: Due October 23rd by 2:00 PM

Create an annotated bibliography of five sources that provide answers to your PICO(T) question

  • See the rubric linked below for grading criteria.
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