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NUR 352 (Mitchell & Reynolds)

This is the course guide for Introduction to Informatics and Information Literacy.


You will...

  • Use the APA manual (6th edition) to locate answers to style questions
  • Apply APA style to create correct citations for a book and journal article
  • Apply Word formatting tools to create an APA template document
  • Know what reputable online APA tools are available
  • Apply the nursing department’s APA rubric to guide and evaluate your work

Click here to see what's due today.

In-Class Activities

Activity 1: Homework Review

  • Review APA quiz (from 8/28)
  • With the APA rubric in mind, write three APA “problems” you’d like to solve by the end of today’s class (i.e. things you don’t know how to do using APA).
  • In pairs: trade your two homework citations and correct each other’s work
    • Things to check:
      • Is the list in alphabetical order by author's last name, double spaced, in hanging indent format?
      • Is the article title in lower case except for the first word and proper nouns?
      • Is the journal title capitalized and in italics; volume number italicized?
      • Are page numbers included in the format 27-42 (full page range)?
      • Is a DOI number or the journal's home page included as the last piece of the citation?
  • Class discussion: What were problems you found with each other’s citations?

Activity 2: Review nursing program’s APA style rubric

Activity 3: How to use your APA manual:

  • Share your APA problems/questions; list on the board to guide the session
    • Small group activity: take a question(s) to answer
    • Find answer in the APA manual and share the related APA style (example citation or particular style element)
    • Also use the APA style blog, OWL at Purdue or the catalog’s citation maker to find an answer to your question
  • Report back to group where you found answers (i.e. page numbers, web address)

Activity 4: Plenary activity: create an APA title page template with running head and page numbers

Zotero logo

Zotero is an AWESOME citation tool.  Try it out!

Homework Assignments: Due September 11th by 2:00 PM

What is intellectual property (IP)?  IP protections include laws related to copyright, patents, and trademarks; think about how these laws intersect with nursing, medicine, and your life as a student as you explore the following resources:


  • This definition of "intellectual property" from the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
  • The following pages from the Copyright Guide from UNC Health Science Library:
  • Intellectual Property and Genomics (from the National Human Genome Research Institute)
  • Grif Alspach, J. (2014). A case of plagiarism: Lessons for editors, authors, reviewers, readers, and plagiarists. Critical Care Nurse, 34(5), 12-16. doi:10.4037/ccn2014786


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