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NUR 352 (Mitchell & Reynolds)

This is the course guide for Introduction to Informatics and Information Literacy.


You will...

  • Know the expectations, major assignments, and outline for the course.
  • Have an understanding of the components of information literacy and how information literacy connects to Evidence Based Practice.
  • Reflect on and analyze your own information habits and develop your own goals for improving your information seeking abilities.

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In-Class Activities

Welcome and syllabus review

Activity 1: Think/pair/share: Write responses to:

  • What is information literacy? 
  • Think about the article you read on the information needs of patients with dementia.  How will becoming information literate help you in your practice as a nurse?

Activity 2: Watch:

Activity 3: Provide individual responses to "Information habits check-up" questionnaire 

Activity 4: APA Preview: Take this APA quiz.  Your results will be automatically submitted to Prof. Reynolds.

Homework Assignments: Due September 4th by 2:00 PM

Take an ungraded quiz (if you didn't already do this in class): Take this APA quiz.  Your results will be automatically submitted to Prof. Reynolds.


  • Pages 193 – 212 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition)
  • The nursing program’s APA style rubric (file attached below)

Complete this APA tutorial* (9 min.)
*Disregard references to the M.Ed. program and discussion boards


  • Answer this question: What is intellectual property, and how does it relate to needing to cite sources we use in our own creations (writing, presentations, etc.)?
  • Create citations for 2 nursing-related sources of your choice (1 journal article and 1 chapter from an edited book) using the examples on pages 198 - 204 of your manual
  • Bring a printed copy of your answer and citation to class AND email a copy to Prof. Reynolds (

Bring your APA manual to class on September 4th

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