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Image, Audio & Video Resources: Images

Finding Images

Many search engines (e.g. Google) have an image search available.  Most images on the web are copyrighted but may be available to use for educational purposes.  To locate images that are "free," "copyright free," or in the "public domain" use images from the sites linked to the right, or try using the following search terms in combination with one another:

public domain or copyright free or royalty free + images or photos or graphics

Or, search for your topic using Google, click the Images link, click the Tools button, then click Usage Rights.  Choose any of the license options (other than the default "Not filtered by license") to display images that may be used for educational purposes. 

Creative Commons

Some sites where images are found will specify how you may use an image (e.g. not for commercial use but may be used for personal or educational purposes).  You may see "Creative Commons" (CC) licenses that specify terms of use.  If you do not see terms of use, assume the copyright owner reserves their copyright and seek permission from the creator to use the image or do not use it. 

Find more information about copyright on the Using Media tab.

Free Image Collections

Online image collections that permit educational fair use.

For more free image resources, see our Artstor Alternatives guide.

Image databases

Library subscription databases for images.

Creative Commons License
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