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Social Work: Find Articles

Find information on Social Policy, Legislation, Social Issues and Social Work practice

Seartch tips

Use AND in your search to make your results list more precise (e.g.young adults AND marijuana)

Use OR in your search to add more to your results list. (e.g. unemployed OR underemployed)

To manage the Results List from your search, use the Limit options for that database.

  • e.g. Search within the Results
  • e.g. Select Scholary/Peer review
  • e.g. Adjust date limits

If you already have a citation and need to find the complete article, use CU Library CATALOG.

If you are asked to login to see full text for articles, videos, images or books, use your campus network username and password (tip: it's the one you use for BlackBoard).

More Resources

Best for finding specifics on social issues

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