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Using Zotero

The basics of how to use Zotero

Add In-text Citations From Word as You Write

In-text Citations: You can insert in-text (parenthetical) citations directly from Word. Follow the steps below.

1. In Word look for Zotero in the menu ribbon, and click it:



2. Place your cursor where you'd like to add the citation and click "Add/Edit Citation":


3. A pop-up box prompts you to choose a style; then a search box appears. Type the first word of the article to cite. Select the document you want to cite, hit enter and you get a parenthetical citation to that document. If you need page numbers, you will need to add those yourself.

Building a Bibliography From Your In-text Citations

Once you have entered all of your in-text citations, place your cursor at the point where you want to insert the reference list. Click on the Add/Edit Bibliography icon (see the screenshot below) and Zotero will create a bibliography from the in-text citations in your document.


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