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Using Zotero

The basics of how to use Zotero

Citing and Creating Bibliographies

You can create bibliographies in multiple ways.

1. You can simply drag and drop citations from Zotero into Word.

  • It is strongly recommend that you specify the bibliographic format you want to use.
  • You can set your preferences in Word. To set your preferences in Word, open up the Add-Ins group, which opens the Zotero plugins that you have installed
  • You can also select your preferences in Zotero

2. You can copy either an entire collection or select items either onto a clipboard or save them to a separate document

3. You can "cite as you write" in Word.

Getting Your Bibliography Into Word


Zotero supports all the major styles (Chicago, MLA, APA) as well as many journal-specific styles.  

1)    Select resources listed in a folder or from your library using control + click to highlight each resource.
2)    Right click on one of the highlighted resources.
3)    Click “Create bibliography from items” in the menu that appears.
4)    Choose your citation style and type of document to save or “Save to clipboard” to paste the text into a Word document.  (Have Word open and paste the text into it.)

Note: Your bibliography is only as error-free as the data you see in the right pane. 


Create bibliography option from right clicking after highlighting sources



From Zotero, right click on the collection you wish to use for your bibliography and select Create Bibliography From Collection

Bibliography from collection name

You will then be offered a set of output alternatives.

Bibliography options

If you Copy to Clipboard you can simply paste the bibliography into Word.

Edit Your Bibliography

Zotero is a powerful bibliographic management tool, but it is just a piece of software. For a variety or reasons, your bibliography may not appear exactly as you expect or want. MAKE SURE YOU EDIT YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY!!!

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