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BIO 211 (Hallstrand, Smolik, Tschetter): Learning Outcomes

Resources and links for our library instruction session

Learning Outcomes

Welcome! This lesson is designed to help illuminate mysteries about scholarly communication in the sciences.

After completing the "lab" activities, you will be able to...

  • Discuss how scientific information is shared and describe how that process has changed since the advent of the Internet

  • Describe the publication process for journal articles and materials found on the Internet, such as blogs

  • Explain the purpose and process of peer review

  • Explain what open access means and how open access disrupts the traditional publishing model

  • Locate library resources that contain scientific information, including journal article databases

The APA Help tab on this guide is not required reading but does provide a handy checklist to use for assignments in other classes. 

Please click this link or the "Lab Activities" tab above to complete the required studies. 

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