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SCW 472 (Johnson)

Social Policy


This guide contains resources specifically relating to state and federal legislation & social policy. For multidisciplinary resources or those on other topics, please see the main library web site or other LibGuides.

What is Social Policy?

Social Policy is:

  • National or state legislation (bills) that have been passed into law
  • State Supreme, U.S. Supreme or Federal District Court Decisions
  • Executive Orders issued by the United States President or the Governor of the State
  • Administrative rules or codes that define how state or federal agencies implement the law

Other useful terminology:

  • Bill: a proposed law that is put before the state legislature or U.S. Congress. It's not policy yet, but is helpful for understanding context of a future policy.
  • Hearing: a public meeting in which interested parties can express their opinions/concerns for the proposed legislation. It's not policy, but is helpful for identifying interested parties/organizations/advocates.
  • Statute/Law/Act/Enrolled Bill: These are all terms used for legislation that has passed. It is policy.
  • Code: a compiled resource that consolidates and classifies laws, regulations and rules and provides and index by topic and how the legislation is used (e.g. CFR - Code of Federal Regulations). It is policy.
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