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REL 221 Theology Interpretation Paper (Exegetical Study): Concordances, Theological Dictionaries, Systematics Texts, and Commentaries

Purpose of this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information and resources in order to complete the exegesis study assignment.  You will find descriptions of basic bible study tools and how to find them in the library as well as online.  There are links to help you find articles, books and to the Chicago style guide.

Exegetical Studies

stack of bibles


A Bible concordance is an alphabetical listings of words and phrases found in the Holy Bible and shows where the terms occur throughout all books of Scripture. With cross-references for verses, concordances make it easy to understand the meaning of terms and the context in which those words are used.

You can find concordances online as well as in print.

 Blue Letter Bible is an example of a site that has an online concordance built in.  Instructions to use it can be found here

The print concordances are
available in the Reference Section, Main Floor of the Library: call numbers all begin with BS425.


A commentary is a series of explanations or comments on a work.  A biblical commentary provides context and insight into the Bible.

These are print books that can be found in the Library's Main Collection, 2nd floor.  Commentaries on Gospel texts can be found  within call numbers that begin with BS2595'sAct's Commentaries start with BS2625.

Theological Dictionary

A theological dictionary is an index that includes people, places, and words used in the Bible.

There are online theological dictionaries, such as Easton's Bible Dictionary, but they tend to be much older. It is best to use a print version. 

Theologcial dictionaries can be found in the Reference Section, Main Floor of the Library: call numbers all begin with BS440.

Doctrine/Systematics/Dogmatics Text

These texts are topical indices that discuss subjects and themes in the Bible.  You can search the table of contents, or look for a scriptural index to find the specific passage you are working on.

These are print books, found in the Library's Main Collection, 2nd floor.  Their call numbers begin with BT75. 

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