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Outlaw Center for Immersive Behavioral Science at Concordia University

Outlaw Center for Immersive Behavioral Science at Concordia University

Welcome to the homepage for the Outlaw Center for Immersive Behavioral Science (CIBS). Hosted at Concordia University in Northeast Portland, Jessica Outlaw founded the center is to advance social and behavioral science into emerging technologies. Jessica focuses on virtual and augmented reality because of their potential to give people new experiences of understanding data, co-locating across distance, and changing spatial awareness. The main research question that drives the Center is how different forms of embodiment affect decision-making.  

To learn more about the Center's work at Concordia University, navigate using the links on the left. To learn more about Jessica, you can follow her consulting website at The Extended Mind, or her Medium blog.  

Jessica's VR research has been covered by Fast CompanyThe Anti-Defamation LeagueViceCNet, plus Kent Bye's Voices of VR.

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