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Open Educational Resources

Publishing OER to CU Commons

CU Commons is Concordia’s institutional repository. This is the place where the library publishes digital works created by Concordia community members. Some examples include, but are not limited to, student dissertations and theses, The Promethean, faculty publications, archival photographs, sermon studies, videos, and more.

Because CU Commons is an open access platform, it can also be a good option for publishing OER materials. Here’s some more information to brainstorm possible ideas. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss possibilities in more detail.


  • Creates: anyone in the Concordia community
  • Accesses: anyone with access to the internet
    (We also have the ability to limit access to CU login/username, if needed.)


  • Types of material: text, image, audio, video
  • Types of OER: textbooks, lab instructions/materials, infographics, videos, worksheets, and more — lots of room for creativity!
  • For an idea of what OER in CU Commons could look like, check out Open Textbooks at Grand Valley State University. This site is built on the same software as CU Commons.


  • Librarians will work with creators to develop an appropriate timeline that will fit within the production schedule for completing OER



  • CU Commons is designed for open access
  • At the same time, we can limit access to CU login/password if needed
    (The Undergraduate Theses collection is an example where some theses are open access and others are campus access.)
  • Faculty can be set up as administrators over their own collections, allowing for greater local control
  • CU Commons provides multiple ways to update and revise content
  • Training and support is available from the library


  • How to create OER in CU Commons will depend on the content and topic.
  • Please contact Kim Read ( or Carin Yavorcik ( for more information.
Creative Commons License
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