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NUR 352 (Mitchell & Reynolds)

This is the course guide for Introduction to Informatics and Information Literacy.

Course Syllabus


Welcome to Introduction to Nursing Informatics and Information Literacy!  This course is focused on helping you develop your research and information evaluation skills. Our face-to-face classes will be highly interactive so please complete all readings and assignments on time and be prepared to discuss and use what you've learned in the classroom.  We will be using this guide in lieu of providing content on Blackboard.  Click on the week tabs on the left to find your homework assignments and an outline of class activities.  Questions?  Please bring your curiosity and a laptop to every class!

Course Outcomes

  1. Determine the extent and characteristics of information required (Essential IV).
  2. Successfully and proficiently access information (Essential IV).
  3. Evaluate information and its source and merge the information with the client’s value system and knowledge base (Essentials III, IV).
  4. Incorporate the socio-economic, legal and ethical issues that accompany information use and technology (Essentials I, IV).
  5. Appropriately cite legitimate literature sources using APA publication elements (Essential IV).
  6. Explain the role of health care informatics in identifying patient outcomes and developing practice changes to improve quality and safety (Essential IV).
  7. Explain the role of the electronic health record in documenting nursing actions and patient outcomes (Essentials IV, IX).
  8. Identify benefits, controversies and challenges inherent in use of electronic record (Essential IV).

Because we would like you to apply the skills you are learning, you are expected to locate the assigned readings using the library's catalog and databases.  The video linked below gives step-by-step instructions on how to find specific sources in our collections.  Please note that ALL assigned readings (except from the APA manual), tutorials, and videos are either available through the library catalog or links are provided.


How to find a specific article

How to find a specific article video title page

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