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Children with Exceptionalities

Other Education Resources

This LibGuide will guide you through finding journal articles and other information on teaching children with special needs.

For other education-related resources or those on other topics, please see the following LibGuides or the main library web site.


REMINDER: If you are prompted to login to see an article, video, image or  ebook, use your campus/Blackboard username (for example,  janderson) and password.  Questions? Contact the library.

Library-related Course Assignments

EDU 390

Journal Article Review: Choose an article from a special education journal that describes interventions and activities to support students with emotional or behavioral conditions. (Refer to our CU Library Link for EDU 390.)  Choose an article that is meaningful to you and provides information that will support your age level and grade level preferences.  Prepare a written summary of the article and carefully reflect on application for your own teaching.  Submit your completed review as a Word document, typed, double spaced, 12 point font, and two to three pages in length.  This review is worth 60 points.


ECE 270



Read an article about supporting children with emotional or behavioral disabilities from a scholarly journal. 

Prepare a written summary of the article and carefully reflect on application for your own profession and early childhood setting (Word Document, typed, double spaced, 12 point font, two pages only).

Write a concise summary of the article and then create a list of specific strategies or interventions for working with special needs learners.  Use examples from the article. 

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