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C & I:LANG ART/SOC ST - ML/HS -- Fall 2015

Other Education Resources

This LibGuide will guide you through finding journal articles and other information on teaching secondary level language arts and social studies.

For other education-related resources or those on other topics, please see the following LibGuides or the main library web site.

Research Paper Assignment

You are to produce a research paper of no less than 2,500 words. The research paper needs to be analytical as well as informative.  By this I mean that I do not simply want you to produce an expository paper detailing a new trend in teaching English or Social Studies, but I want you to explore a research question that will advance the conversation on your discipline beyond what we discuss in class.

To that end, a paper entitled “Using Literature Circles in 8th grade” that only detailed how a Literature Circle was used in an 8th grade classroom would not be sufficient. I also don’t just want a blow-by-blow account of what researchers think.

 However, a research paper that tries to answer the question “Are Lit. Circles more effective than the use of documentaries in teaching nonfiction,” which then takes several methods described by researchers and evaluates them, finally arriving at a research-based conclusion (made by you), would be more what I’m expecting you to produce.

You are to cite your sources using APA style guide instructions, and you are to have in text citation and bibliographic information at the end of your paper.  Use educational databases to glean actual educational, psychological, and behavioral journals to find information, or seek assistance from our library staff to track down materials. I should see, at a minimum, THREE educational journals/periodicals cited IN your text

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