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Advanced Teaching Strategies

Other Education Resources

This LibGuide will guide you through finding demographic information on your assigned school.

For other education-related resources or those on other topics, please see the following LibGuides or the main library web site.

Demographics Assignment

The following items (plus classroom information) are required components of the work sample demographics section:

  • District: socio-economic and ethnic setting of the district; languages spoken; location and size of district; other schools included in the district; mobility within the district; recent developments that may affect the students
  • Community: socio-economic and ethnic setting of the community; languages spoken; is community representative of the district; location and size of the community; household information; local businesses and industry information
  • School: socio-economic and ethnic setting fo the school; languages spoken; is the school representative of the community or district; location and size of the school, mobility within the school; attendance; other schools that "feed" into the secondary school level; state report card information; administration, faculty, staff, and volunteer information; academic levels or unique accomplishments of faculty; student to teacher ratio; gender and grade level percentages; extra-curricular activities available
  • Facility: general layout of physical space available for teaching and learning; physical space for socializing; playground area; special classrooms and labs; library information; general impression of building maintenance and upkeep; is the facility representative of the socio-economic situation in district or community

The entire demogrphics assignment (in pdf format) is available below.

Subject Guide

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