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Using Zotero

The basics of how to use Zotero

Getting Started Using Zotero


  • What is it?  Zotero  is a free citation management tool that allows you to easily collect, store and cite sources
  • How do I use it?
  1. Register for an account at Although you are not required to register in order to use Zotero, registering allows you to sync files on multiple devices and to share your sources with other users
  2. Download either Zotero for Firefox and/or Zotero Standalone
  • What can I do with it? It is a web-based tool that integrates seamlessly with Firefox, allowing you to "grab" sources by simply clicking on an icon in your browser. You can then import your citations into Word to create in-text citations, footnotes and reference lists. Zotero supports a large number of citation formats.

Useful Links

  • For a quick overview on getting started with Zotero, see Zotero Quck Start Guide
  • Zotero has many features, too many to cover in this guide. Zotero offers a set of Screencast Tutorials that give detailed information on various features of the software