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Uploading Dissertations

a brief how-to guide demonstrating how to upload dissertations to CU Commons and ProQuest ETD Administrator

Text Instructions

These instructions work best for students who prefer text or use screen readers. Click here to go down to the same set of instructions that use screenshots.

To begin, go to ProQuest ETD Administrator:

Once on the ProQuest ETD Administrator site, follow these steps.

  • Click on the Create new student account link
  • Provide the required contact information, including:
    • email address
    • name
    • username
    • password
  • Make a note of both your username and password so that you don't forget them.
  • Click the Create button when finished
  • The ProQuest ETD Administrator site will provide a screen notifying you that your account has been created.

Check your email to confirm your account and complete the setup process.

  • The ProQuest ETD email should have a subject of ProQuest ETD Administrator Account Information for <Your Name>.
  • Click the confirm your account link in the email to complete the account setup process.

You will now go to a page that confirms your account has been created and starts the process for uploading your dissertation.

  • Click on the Continue button to start uploading your dissertation.

You will first go to a Publishing Options page:

  • Select the Traditional Publishing option. (Your upload to CU Commons will provide open access to your dissertation, so you do not need to pay for Open Access Publishing PLUS.)
  • You can select either option for search engine discoverability. (The version in CU Commons will automatically send information to search engines such as Google, etc.)
  • Click the Save & Continue button
  • Read the Traditional Publishing Agreement, and then click the Accept button

Next, fill out your contact information.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Institutional Student ID (this is your G#)
  • Institution
  • Permanent email address
  • Current address
  • Permanent mailing address
  • After everything is filled out, click Save & Continue

Next, fill out your dissertation details.

  • Enter your dissertation title
  • Select the year
  • Select the same year for the degree date
  • Select the degree
  • Select the department
  • Enter the name of your Faculty Chair (using the list of advisor names from the Uploading Dissertations guide)
  • Enter the names of additional advisors, using the list of advisor names from the Uploading Dissertations guide
  • Select Education as the Primary Subject Category
  • If additional subject categories are applicable, select them for the Additional Subject Categories options
  • Enter up to six (6) keywords that describe the topic of your dissertation (not required)
  • Copy and paste your abstract into the box
  • Click the Save & Continue button

Now, you will upload your dissertation.

  • Click the Upload file button to upload your dissertation file
  • The system will show a Success message when your file has been uploaded
  • Next, choose No unless you have received special instructions to upload copyright permission documents.
  • Click the Save & Continue button

Supplemental files are optional.

  • Only upload supplemental files if you have received special instructions to do so.
  • Click the Save & Continue button

Notes to administrators are also option.

  • Leave this box blank. If you need to contact someone about your submission, contact your advisor or libraryadmin at
  • Click the Save & Continue button

Next, you'll have options to register U.S. copyright for your dissertation.

  • For the first option, select No because you will most likely not have already filed for copyright registration.
  • For the second option, you can also select not the register. While you can file for copyright registration if you wish, you are not required to do so.
  • Click the Save & Continue button

ProQuest will then offer you the option to purchase personal print copies of your dissertation.

  • You may order a personal print copy if you'd like, but you're not required to do so.
  • If you choose to order a copy, click the Continue with order button.
  • Otherwise, click the Decline - do not order button.

Review the information on the submission page to confirm that everything is correct.

  • Click on the links to make any corrections or changes.
  • Click the Submit Dissertation/Thesis button when finished

The Submission Complete page confirms your dissertation submission.

  • Click the Done button

The Thank You page provides final confirmation.

  • Click the Sign Out button to log out of the system.

The College of Education will review the upload, and, if changes to the submission need to be made, you will be contacted. Otherwise, your dissertation will be uploaded to ProQuest.

Instructions with Screenshots

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator create account page.

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator create account page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator create account page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator email confirmation

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator upload dissertation page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Adminstrator publishing options page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator traditional publishing agreement

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator contact information

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator dissertation/thesis details

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator PDF upload

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator supplemental files

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator notes to administrator

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator U.S. Copyright registration

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Admininstrator order copies

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator submit page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator submission complete page

Screenshot. ProQuest ETD Administrator thank you page