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SCI 110 (Johnson/Wise): Find Articles

Introduction to Science

Find Articles

Consider adding one of the following terms to find relevant articles:

  • debat*
  • controversy
  • misconception*
  • misinformation

(The * finds all forms of the word before the asterisk, e.g. debat* finds debate, debated, debates, debating.)

Health Topics: Possible Search Terms

Anti-vaccination: vaccin* and debate, vaccin* and autism

Gluten sensitivity outside of celiac afflicted population: gluten sensitivity or nonceliac gluten sensitivity

Vitamin supplementation: Choose a specific vitamin, such as Vitamin C or E or multivitamins; use "vitamin supplement" and effectiveness

Acupuncture: Search on acupuncture and a specific disease or condition, e.g. acupuncture and migraine (or try acupuncture and debat* in the Academic Search Complete database)

General Science Topics: Possible Search Terms

Young earth hypothesis: "young earth" or creationism

Evolution denial: evolution and creationism (also consider adding evidence as a term)




Use one of the databases below to find scholarly articles on your topic.

Use one of the databases below to find scholarly articles on your topic.

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Peer Reviewed Articles

Check the "peer reviewed" box in the database to find articles only from peer reviewed journals. View the short tutorial to learn more about "peer review."


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