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M.Ed. Research Guide and Library Resources: Where do I search for them?

Access to library resources for M.Ed. students.

Where to search?

Below are links to OneSearch ONLINE, which searches many databases at once, and links to individual education databases. Because they each search a little bit differently, you will want to try your keywords and search strategies in multiple search tools. Searching in just one place will limit your results.


Note: Search@CU Libraries is now OneSearch - a new and improved discovery system!



OneSearch combines results from the library's databases and catalogs in a single search platform.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can also be used to find articles, especially if you're not finding enough articles in Search@CULibraries or in the individual databases. However, each article will need to be evaluated to determine if it's peer reviewed or not. You can do this by finding the journal's homepage and reading the "about" section or the section for author guidelines/submissions. Usually in one of these areas a journal will mention their peer review process, if they have one.

It's very helpful to change the settings in Google Scholar so that results will full text from the CU library will be linked from Scholar. To change your settings (it's easy!), watch this quick 2 minute video.

What, How, Where, and Show me

Where do I search for them?