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Center for Volga German Studies: Helpful Links and How-Tos

This can be a helpful guide for understanding how to use Concordia University resources in relation to the Center for Volga German Studies.

How to Use OneSearch

OneSearch is Concordia University's online catalog. This is where you can search for materials in the CVGS collection.

This link will take you to a search already focused on the CVGS collection. 

If the link doesn't work. Here are the steps to focus your search.

1. Open OneSearch.

2. Click 'Advanced Search' to the right of the search bar

3. Click CU Collections

4. Click the drop down menu marked 'CU Library Catalog' and Click 'Center for Volga German Studies'

5. Type what you are looking for and click search.

6. The results will show up below.


Archives West Collections

Archives West is to be used as a finding aid for items held in the archives. Everything here is stored in the Concordia University Library's Archive room in the George R. White library. Just ask the front desk or the CVGS volunteers for access.

Link to Concordia University page of Archives West

Conrad Krening Scrapbooks 1947-1985

The scrapbooks contain obituaries and other similar materials about Volga German families that were collected by Conrad Krening.

Conrad Krening Scrapbooks 1952-1999

The scrapbooks contain obituaries, funeral cards, death notices, pictures, newspaper clippings, and similar materials about persons of Volga German heritage who immigrated to Colorado and Oregon.

Marie Trupp Krieger Collection on Volga Germans, 1905-2005

Collection contains family history information of persons who immigrated to the United States from the Volga region of Russia.

Mela Meisner Lindsay Papers, 1926-2000

The papers contain the writings of, and biographical information about, author Mela Meisner Lindsay.

Evelyn Scheuerman Reich Collection on Volga Germans, 1957-2009

Research materials collected by Evelyn Scheuerman Reich and used in collaboration with Richard D. Scheuerman to document the history of selct Volga German families for the on-line publication, The Berry Meadow Archive: A Selection of Records and Resources from the Papers of Richard Scheuerman and Evelyn Reich. 

Getz/Holstein Family Collection, 1992-1993

Getz and Holstein family history, including photos, family group sheets, and the story of the search in German and Russia for their heritage. 


CU Commons

CU Commons is Concordia University's Repository of all works produced by students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

Link to CVGS Homepage in CU Commons

Congregational Church Photographs, Portland, Oregon

Portland Photographs

Riffel Collection

The Jakob Riffel Photographic Collection

Stacy Hahn Collection

This collection shows images of Volga German families in Portland in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was donated to the Center for Volga German Studies by Stacy Hahn.

The Volga Flows Forever Trilogy 

"The Volga Flows Forever" is a trilogy written by Sigrid Weidenweber.

Online Research Tips

Here are some online search tips that may be useful when conducting personal research. 

Quotes: Use quotes to search for an exact phrase. Example: "Volga Germans"

Parenthesis: Combine modifiers to create a more complex search. Example: Germans AND (Volga OR Russia)

AND: Include two search terms. Example: Volga AND Germans

OR: Broaden your search with multiple terms. Example: Volga Settlements OR Volga German Settlements

NOT: Use to exclude a specific term. Volga Germans NOT Volga River


Spelling Variations

Some names may be from the same family line, but as time went on the spelling changed.


Schmidt - Schmid - Schmitt


Döring - Derring - Dering - Deering

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