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PSY 201 (Miller): Article Summary & Critique

Research Guide for Principles of Psychology

Assignment Instructions

Psychologists use the science of behavior and mental processes to better understand why people think, feel, and act as they do.  Relying on our intuition or personal experiences can raise the incidence of error but we are more likely to collect valid, reliable information if we rely on the science of psychology.  Additionally, as the American Psychological Association (APA) states, research is conducted to “benefit society and to improve people’s lives.”

Begin the assignment by choosing a topic from the list below:

Promoting Mental Health                  Child or Adolescent Development


Learning                                            Memory


Sport Psychology                            Counseling/Therapy


Forensic Psychology                        Cross Cultural Relationships


Trauma                                             Family Conflict/Therapy


Stress                                               Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


In order to study psychological research in-depth you will:   

1)     Search for an article in PsycARTICLES.  Go to the CU Library page Click on Databases from left-hand menu and find PsychARTICLES.  The article must describe a psychological study and discuss the study outcomes.  This article will describe primary research. “Primary research is different from secondary research in that secondary research uses data or research that has already been collected. Primary research includes qualitative and quantitative research and can include surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews” (Oxford Reference, 2019).


2)     Find one other article through the CU databases and one book which explore the same topic. These additional sources will likely support the outcomes from the initial article or you may discover conflicting perspectives. For your book you may not use your text book or an encyclopedia. 


3)     Reflect on the research and write up a summary of the initial article you found.  Clearly describe the methodology utilized and the study findings. What are your thoughts on the research?  You will discuss material from the additional sources (article and book) in this section of the essay. Cite your sources in text and include a references page with sources cited.  APA writing format is required.


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