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Social Work: Media Sites for Current News

Find information on Social Policy, Legislation, Social Issues and Social Work practice

Media and Personal Bias

Learning the viewpoints of others helps shape your own stance on issues and gives background for forming a best way to discuss those issues with those who hold a different opinion.  The links below include progressive, liberal, conservative and libertarian viewpoints.

Local News

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart is a volunteer organization based in Montana that gathers information to help individuals make informed decisions before casting their vote for legislation and political candidates.  The group of volunteers strives to give facts without bias.  It's Board members cover the political ideological spectrum.

Search by name or zip code to view voting records, positions, speeches, funding and bio on the candidate(s).

Use the site to see a candidates voting history & stance by topic. 

Also search government officials, legislation, interest groups, and elections & candidates.

Government 101 For basic information about how our government works.

National News

Search the Internet and social media

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