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ENG/HST/HUM/REL 492: Session Goals

Senior Thesis Prep

Session 1 - Get Organized

You will...

  • Commit to at least one strategy for organizing & tracking research, e.g. Zotero
  • Explore sources for background information
  • Understand how to request sources from Summit and Tipasa
  • Be able to use strategies to follow related research
    • Set up Google Scholar

Session 2 - Personal Consultations

You will meet with a librarian to...

  • Develop at least five relevant keywords and/or locate Subjects to use in searches
    • Identify where to locate additional keyword terms
  • Construct effective Boolean searches & use quotes and wildcard
    • Understand what using AND, OR, NOT does to searches
    • Understand how () affects searching
  • Know how to find the types of sources you need for your thesis
  • Identify and use subject specific databases
  • Locate book reviews in OneSearch
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