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ENG/HST/HUM/REL 492: Human Subjects Research

Senior Thesis Prep

Are you conducting interviews or collecting data from people?

If you plan to conduct interviews or collect data using a survey, check with CU's Office of Research to determine if your study requires review prior to data collection.

  • Get in touch with the Office of Research several weeks in advance of when you plan to collect data
  • Email OraLee Branch ( and give a brief description of your research project
    • Include questions you intend to ask your interviewees or subjects
    • Let her know you are an undergraduate student
  • Review information at the Institutional Review Board site to learn more about the requirements for approval
  • The mode you use to collect data (e.g. in person v. over the phone) does not exempt you from needing to acquire permission to conduct your research
  • The university has web survey software available to you
    • Talk with Sonja Baumeister ( in the CAS office about this option

Tips for Designing & Conducting Interviews

Use these tips from Harvard University to design "good" interview questions and protocol.

Tips for Designing Survey Questions

This book is geared to any research in the Humanities, not just media studies. See Chapter 6 for guidance on developing survey questions.

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