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IDS 501

Current Issues in Globalization

Example search phrase:

(teen OR adolesc*) AND "mental health" AND (counsel* OR therapy)

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Why does it look like this? Read the search tips below.

10 Tips for Searching

  1. Search with keywords, don't use full sentences or questions.
  2. Separate keywords by AND (therapy AND children AND anxiety)
  3. Don't include small words (like if, the, at)
  4. Include synonyms separated by OR (teen OR adolescent)
  5. Put phrases in quotation marks ("high school")
  6. If you're not getting enough results, try new keywords.
  7. Check or click on "peer-reviewed" if you need scholarly journal articles.
  8. Unless you need an article immediately, don't check "full text".
  9. Limit results by date if you need current articles.
  10. Use the Access Online and Get Article links to get to the full text of articles.
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