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Think Tanks (listed alphabetically)

Government Centers & Agencies

WhiteHouse Briefings - Executive Orders (Obama Administration)

Search tip:  Use the search box and type
Executive order   <plus your search topic>
e.g. executive order No Child Left Behind

American Presidency Project - Executive Orders

Lists by year all executive orders of the presidency from John Quincy Adams to the present.  Links to a copy of each Order.

Google Scholar is also a resource. 

For President's executive orders, search   executive order <your topic> 

e.g. executive order "dream act"

For governor's executive orders, search <the name of the state> executive order <your topic>

e.g. "washington state" executive order "dream act"

Note: Using "  " around the words tells the search engine to search for that phrase.  In many cases this will give you better results

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