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ENG 343 (Terrill): Literary Analysis - Research Tips

Recommended resources for your Literary Analysis Essay


This guide was created to help you find resources for ENG 343. Please see the Concordia University Library LibGuides for guidance on other topics.

Research Road Map

Follow these steps to investigate your authors and works:

  • Gather background information by searching for your author(s) in the Literature Resource Center database.
    • Look for biographical information which may relate to influences on their work and brief analyses of works to get ideas for your thesis.
    • Click the "Literary Criticism" tab to find full text articles about works and themes.
    • Look at the "Further Readings" section of biographies for additional journal articles and books about your author(s).
  • If there isn't a lot of information on your author, you may want to look for broader information on a genre of literature, e.g. Mexican American or African American literature. 
    • Check the Criticisms/Theories tab above for books about genres of literature.
    • Search the CU Libraries catalog for additional books.
    • Search the databases listed on the Articles tab (above).

Tips for Writing About Literature

Research Road...

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