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Open Educational Resources

OER Initiative and Pilot Project

Concordia University began an OER initiative in Spring 2016 by joining the Open Textbook Network (OTN), an alliance of over 200 campuses that promote affordable course resources and student success. Our OER pilot project began in Fall 2016. In phase one of the project, 17 faculty and staff attended an OER workshop led by John Hilton and Merinda McLure of the OTN. Nine of those who attended received a $200 stipend to peer review an open textbook. Five faculty participated in phase two, where six courses have been transformed from using a commercial textbook to utilizing OER, reducing the financial burden of students taking the course and customizing course content to meet course outcomes. Faculty received $1,000 stipends for converting a course. Our phase two participants were Jeanette Eggert (physics), Gerd Horten (history), Jonathan Ortiz (sociology), Vanessa Washington (psychology), and Matt Wise (chemistry/science). Read more about these Concordia Open Heroes.

In Fall 2017, fifteen faculty attended the introductory OER workshop. Ten faculty will be receiving a stipend to peer review an open textbook. Stay tuned for an update on this year's faculty who are converting courses from commercial textbooks to OER.

The pilot project is being funded by the Office of University Innovation, Student Affairs, the University Libraries, and the Office of the Provost. For more information, please contact Kim Read, Interim Dean of the Libraries: