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Affordability Heroes

Photo of Jeannette EggertJeannette Eggert
Professor of Math and Physics
Department of Math/Science
​School of Management

OER texts reviewed
College Physics   

Courses converted to OER: 
PHY 211; PHY 212; MTH 094; MTH 095; MTH 096; MTH 097

Photo of Gerd HortenGerd J. Horten
Professor of History
Department of History
​School of Management

OER text reviewed: U.S. History             

Courses converted to OER: HST 215;
HST 216

Photo of Cathryn LambethCathryn Lambeth
Associate Professor of Education
College of Education

OER texts reviewedSteps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research & Practice;  
Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media

Courses converted to OER:
MAT 503, MAT 590

Photo of Erin McKeeErin McKee
Adjunct Faculty 
Early Childhood Education
College of Education

OER text reviewedMusic & the Child

Photo of Kathy Milhauser

Kathy Milhauser
Professor of Management
School of Management

OER text reviewed
Human Resource Management    

Image of Benjamin MollBenjamin Moll
Assistant VP
& NWCCU Accreditation Liaison Officer
​Instructor, School of Management

OER text reviewed:
Introductory Statistics 

Course converted to OER
BA 247  

Image of Reed MuellerReed Mueller
Professor of Psychology
​Chair, Psychology Department
​3toPhD Evaluation
​College of Health & Human Sciences

Courses converted to OER
PSY 201H

Photo of Michelle Mulhair Michelle Mulhair
Concordia Commitment Program Director & Academic Advisor

OER text reviewedCollege Success     

Photo of Keryn Neary Keryn Neary
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Department of Administration

OER text reviewedWriting In College:
from Competence to Excellence

Benjamin Nickodemus
Adjunct Faculty
​School of Management

OER texts reviewedWriting as Material Practice
Six Ways of Being Religious

Jonathan Ortiz
Adjunct Faculty
College of Health & Human Sciences

OER text reviewed
Sociology: Understanding & Changing the Social World 

Course converted to OER: SOC 220

Photo of Nicole PattersonNicole Patterson
Assistant to the Dean for Math & Science
Department of Administration​
College of Health & Human Sciences

Course converted to OER
SCI 110 Lab 

Image of Candace PetersenCandace Petersen
Professor of Marketing & Management
​Department of Business
​School of Management

Course converted to OER: MBA 515 

Photo of Amy Skinner Amy Skinner
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
​Department of Math/Science
​School of Management
(Course conversion by Matthew Wise, former Associate Professor of Chemistry)

Course converted to OER: CHM 100 

Jane SmithJane Smith
Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology​
College of Health & Human Sciences

Course converted to OER
ECE 225 

Photo of Juliana E. SmithJuliana E. Smith
Associate Professor
& ESOL Specialist
​College of Education

Course converted to OER: EDEL 533

Other $0 textbook courses: 
MAT 578 ; EDUG 210

Photo of Wayne TschetterWayne Tschetter
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Math/Science
School of Management
(Course conversion by Matthew Wise, former Associate Professor of Chemistry)

Course converted to OER: SCI 110 

Vanessa Washington
Adjunct Faculty
College of Health & Human Sciences

OER text reviewedIntroduction to Psychology 

Course converted to OER: PSY 345

Carin YavorcikCarin Yavorcik
Electronic Resources 
& Reference Librarian
Department of Library Support
​School of Management

Course converted to OER: WR 305

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