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Current Issues in Globalization

In-text Citations: Rules and Examples

APA style requires that you cite the author and publication year of a reference in the text of your paper.  One or both of these elements may be in parentheses.   Direct quotations also require the page number. If both author and year are in the text, no additional information is needed.  The full information for the source will follow in the reference list at the end of the paper. Here are some examples. More detailed examples are in the handout below.

Paraphrase There was no relationship (Nkumbe, 2016).
Paraphrase, author in text  Nkumbe (2016) found that....
Quote  She stated, "...." (Lopez, 2015, p. 15).
Quote, author in text Lopez (2015) states that, "....." (p. 15).
Quote from a website (use paragraph numbers)  She stated, "...." (Lopez, 2014, para. 5).
Two authors Nothing was proven (Nkumbe & Lopez, 2016).
Two authors, authors in text   Nkumbe and Lopez (2016) found that....

Video Tutorial: In-text citations

Click on the image below to play the tutorial.

link to tutorial for APA in-text citations

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