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EDU 375 Kondor


Searching for Books in the CU Library

Here is the method for locating books in the CU Library's collection (OneSearch) to use during your reading coaching.

Search for books by type/topic or title in OneSearch

This is a good place to start if you are looking for a specific type/topic of book (such as rhyming picture books or graphic novels). Start with the Advanced Search function in OneSearch, and select the CU Collections radio button. Put the type of book (or the title) you want in the search box and then choose "Children's Literature" from the drop down menu.

Good topics to try in our catalog are:

  • rhyme
  • alphabet
  • counting
  • number
  • graphic novel
  • picture book [your topic]
    • for example: picture book biography
  • early reader [your topic]
    • for example: early reader animals
  • fiction [your topic]
    • for example: fiction lions
  • nonfiction [your topic]
    • for example: nonfiction Mexico









Find Books by Reading Level

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