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CHM 101 (Wise)

The Assignment

Students taking a general chemistry course are required to complete a series of laboratories. Often the laboratories are difficult for a student to comprehend due to a variety of factors. One factor is the way in which the experimental procedure is written. A second factor is a lack of student experience in the operation of specific experimental equipment. Your task is to create a general chemistry experiment and integrate videos that show other students how to use a specific piece of equipment used in your experiment. You will link your videos to a QR code so that when scanned with a smart phone or tablet, the QR code will help a future student understand how to use the equipment. You cannot copy a laboratory procedure found on the Internet. However, you can modify laboratories found on the Internet to develop your own unique experiment. A unique experiment is important if we intend to publish the experiments at a future date.

See the document below for the full assignment instructions.